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Hello and welcome,

My name is Douglas R. Greaser,  I'm an internet designer, graphics artist, software developer, photographer, and have been called a computer guru with 40 years experience.  I was born in Oregon but I've lived most of my life in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, PA (USA).  I started StockMyArt.com in 2010 as a way of sharing some of my own photos and images online, most of which are 4k Ultra HD or larger and have been edited by myself to try and bring out or improve the best image quality.  

Please browse around & demo images by using the zoom and pan tool.  There are even some free images to download without a membership.  You only need to sign up as a member if you want to download and use images from the full stock photo library.  Membership is not required, you can still use the powerful search engine to find images by keywords, categories, and other parameters.   Signing up for a membership does have it's benefits though, like the free credits sign up bonus to download even higher quality images!  Plus you can rate photos, save favorites, and download any image on the website free.  It also helps me by legally making sure my images aren't abused or overused.  By becoming a member and downloading digital images you are agreeing to the copyright policies of this website.  
Every day you see thousands of images in magazines, newspapers, packaging, posters, billboards, online, on TV, and in so many other ways. Very few of these images are created specifically for that product, promotion - what you're seeing is stock photography. Stock photos are ready-made images which are licensed for you to use in your advertising, promotional materials, corporate projects, or websites.  Stock images can be used by designers & advertisers to illustrate concepts or ideas with out the need to capture or stage the image needed.  Stock images can even make a cool background images for your computer desktop wallpaper!  

Why StockMyArt.com?  Well .. I've also been making websites for almost two decades now, and; to be honest.. I didn't want to give away my images to another company.  Years ago I decided to make my own website so I could share my love of photography.  Since this website was started back in 2010, it's best viewed on a computer.  I try to add new images when I can.  If you enjoy my work please contact me for free consultation and estimate, I do on location photography and also product macro photography.  You can learn more about me and some of other services I offer by visiting my website www.drgdesign.com
If you ever have a question or input please e-mail me or message me anytime!  Thanks for visiting,  Doug G                                                              

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